Presented by LA Epic Club Crawls

Occasional changes to our lineups do happen, so please check the website on the day of your crawl to confirm the final lineup. We meet at the first venue listed on the lineup on the day of your crawl


A Club Crawl is the best way to sample the nightlife in any city, meet new people, and have the time of your life! Visit multiple venues, and partake in perks that you can only enjoy while on a club crawl No covers, VIP entry, Drink specials, a private host, and more!

Every crawl we host comes with guarantees you accelerated entry into all venues we visit, NO covers, a premium open bar, a party bus ride to the final venue, drink specials, and a team of tour hosts to ensure the party runs smoothly! 


Being that we have been in the club crawl industry for 12+ years, we have expanded to 6 locations across the U.S., ran over 1,000 tours a year.


This has earned us the trust and highest ratings from over 40,000 people!


A Miami club crawl is very similar to a pub crawl Miami. 

except it's with nightclubs! You meet up at the first location where you check-in, enjoy drink specials and meet your fellow club crawlers for the night's pub crawl Miami.

Our hosts will lead you and fellow partygoers straight passed those infamous GA lines, and ensure the party doesn't stop 


Our crawls include a mix of bars, lounges, and nightclubs.

Along the night receive accelerated entry and drink specials, while meeting new people and getting into some the best venues that only the true locals know about!

LA Epic club crawls is one of America's largest club crawling companies with our 40,000 people annually joining on to the over 650+ crawls that run throughout Hollywood/ Downtown Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Downtown Vegas, New York City and Miami.


The founders have been involved in club crawls for over 12 years in many countries and set up LA Epic over 6 years ago. We pride ourselves on being the leading club crawl with our team dedicated to showing our customers the time of their lives. It's an honor to be responsible for the trust of so many to show them the best night possible on their hard-earned vacation and we take our role very seriously in making sure we deliver on our promise.